The Coupon Promotions feature is an automatic discount is applied once trip conditions are met; however, instead of discounting the current sale, a coupon is printed at the end of the sale and can be used to provide a discount for a future sale, giving customers a good reason shop with you again soon.

The following examples demonstrate how the Coupons Promotions feature can be used:

  • To create multiple Coupon Promotions, with the ability for a sale to produce multiple coupons.
  • To choose Print Only or Serialized Tracking coupons.
  • To select simple or advanced printing options with the ability to print to specific network printers or a local receipt printer.
  • To allow Serialized Coupons to be tracked in the Idealpos Database and recorded when printed and redeemed. Serialized Tracking Coupons cannot be redeemed more than once.
  • To redeem a Print Only Coupon. You can type in the coupon promo code number to apply the discount within the sale.
  • To redeem a Serialized Tracking Coupon. You can either scan the barcode or manually type in the coupon serial number to apply the discount within the sale.
  • To have multiple text lines on the coupon with the option to choose large text and centred.
  • To print one or more Graphical Logos stored within the receipt printer.
  • To set a coupon validity date or number of days before expiry.
  • To print a coupon report on coupons that are outstanding and coupons that have been redeemed.