Introducing idealpos

A Leading, feature rich Software package idealpos is a constantly evolving and growing Point of Sale program comprehensive enough while maintaining a simple easy to follow interface and the backing of a great support network.  Keep reading to see why you should consider idealpos in your business :

Suitable for both Hospitality and Retail businesses, idealpos main features are available in add-on modules, so you only need purchase the features you require. Idealpos POS Software is easy to use and your staff will quickly learn how to use the POS System.

The POS Screen is intuitive and customisable to suit your business. Simply program your POS Screen layout with the functions you require and set your preference of colours, fonts, button sizes and more. There are many ways to sell items when processing a sale using idealpos, including the use of Barcode Scanning, Interfaced Scales, Touch Screen Button entry and more.

idealpos will run on most current computer technology including laptops, desktop computers, embedded PC’s and touch screen POS terminals.

If you run a larger style of venue, and have multiple terminals or terminals across multiple sites, then idealpos is the perfect choice. idealpos supports multiple POS Terminals, multiple Locations and multiple sites.

idealpos has real time communications across a local area network or wide area network using a Virtual Private Network (also known as VPN).  

A Site Management module is available for those running franchising operations allowing you to track and configure each sites requirements from the head office, while allowing your franchisee to keep up to date with in-depth reporting on their own store.
Momentum Point of Sale has a lot of experience selling and supporting idealpos .  

Get in contact with us and see how idealpos could work for you in your business.