Idealpos interfaces to various models of scales to measure the weight of products and translate that weight into a quantity.

Supported Scale Models are:

  • Mettler Toledo Viva
  • Mettler Toledo 8210
  • Mettler Toledo Diva
  • TEC SL-4700-RP
  • Acom PC-100R
  • Cas PDII
  • Datalogic Magellan 8300 / 8400
  • Wedderburn DS-700
  • NCR Realscan 78

*Other Scales may be able to be configured to work with IdealPos, please ask.

The price per kilo/lb is entered against the stock item, and when the button is pressed on the POS terminal, the weight is retrieved from the scale and the price is calculated.

Idealpos also supports Scale Compliance Display Method for the rear customer display, allowing you to remove scale pole displays off your counter if required.